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There is nothing like hanging with the family while churning up the dirt on an ATV. Here are some of the best off-road competitions and events for the family

ATV Drag Racing
The goal of this event is fairly straightforward. You must get to the finish line before the rest of the competition. Although engine power plays a part, the most important thing is the driver’s skill. They must be able to properly launch, change gears, and keep the ATV in a straight line. Since there are various divisions, Read the rest of this entry »



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There is no reason that girls should not enjoy the fun of off-roading just as much as their male counterparts. Here are some tips to help guide female drivers into the sport of off-roading.

Like most things in life, experience is important when it comes to learning an off-roading skill. You should not attempt to tackle the deepest mud bog or biggest hill without the proper training. Watching the veterans will help to develop your skills. Over time, Read the rest of this entry »



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For those people who have an itch for exploration, there is nothing better than a secret hiking trail. Here are a few of the best secluded hiking trails that you may want to experience.

Escalante River Trail
This amazing hiking trail resides in Utah. This challenging trail is definitely not for the faint of heart. Not only will you be surrounded by remote desert canyons, you also may not encounter many people along the way. However, this destination promises to entertain you with flowing streams and mystical Anasazi Indian Read the rest of this entry »



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It’s not an option. If people are going to purchase a home in California, they are going to have to have home insurance. It would just be too costly to have to rebuild their homes on their own if they do not have an insurance company offering them a lump sum of money for the purpose. They could also lose everything they have inside the home. Even if they could rebuild the home by their own devices, they would also have to have a great deal of money to furnish the home, replace the appliances and purchase all of the personal items that were lost.

In California, many houses are susceptible to being burned in a brushfire. Many people are living where earthquakes are prevalent. Some areas are susceptible to flooding. A home insurance policy will not necessarily cover all of these natural disasters, but California homeowners can purchase a home insurance policy as well as separate policies to protect themselves against earthquakes and floods if they are not covered.

Increasing Liability Limits with an Umbrella Policy

Also included in a home insurance policy is liability. The liability covers the medical bills of guests who may be injured on the property. However, some policies may only allow homeowners to purchase relatively low liability limits. If these homeowners also have auto insurance, they can purchase an umbrella policy that will increase the liability limits on both the home and the auto insurance policies.

If the homeowners injure someone in their vehicles and the liability insurance does not cover this person’s entire bill, the umbrella policy will pay the rest. Similarly, if a guest is injured on the property and the home insurance policy’s liability limits are too low to cover the medical bills, the umbrella policy pays the difference. For a relatively low cost, homeowners can add as much as 1 million to their liability limits on their auto and home insurance coverage.

Compare Several Quotes for the Lowest Rates

A home insurance policy is a necessary financial product that homeowners must not resist purchasing. The amount they pay for their premiums will not necessarily be high because homeowners can visit Insurance Calculator to find the most advantageous rate quotes. Homeowners who take advantage of this option can compare prices for the most coverage for the lowest price from several insurance companies. They can also receive a reduced rate if they purchase their auto insurance and their home insurance from the same company.



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When a beginner is looking for a trail to go down, it is important that they take a few things into consideration. Though some trails may look easy to complete, they may actually have some hidden disadvantages and hardships. Knowing what the trail may hold is hard to tell just from the beginning of it. The person must have done some research on the trail and the different paths that it includes. Once the research has been completed it is then important for Read the rest of this entry »



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Kids love adventure. And a great way to make family memories is through the sport of Off-Roading. There is nothing better than driving your SUV on a road that is made from gravel or sand through the mud, water, snow or rocks. Being out in nature as a family is a blast.

While taking a baby Off-Roading is possible it probably isn’t a great idea. Like any adventure, there is some risk involved. When kids turn 5 or 6 it is a great season of life to start making some serious fun memories participating in this fun sport. Some people begin even Read the rest of this entry »



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No matter what types of activities that you enjoy, safety should be the first thing that you think about when preparing to begin your activity. It’s important to make sure that you have all of the proper equipment to ensure that you are protected while taking part in any activity.

When off roading, you want to make sure that you have a helmet to protect your head as well as shin guards for your legs and elbow guards for your arms. You might also consider wearing Read the rest of this entry »



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There’s an ongoing debate as to the off-road vehicle of choice: ATV (All-Terrain Vehicle) or Dirt-bike? while that answer is really a personal one, I will be giving some insight into the positives and negatives of each, so you can make a good decision for yourself.

There are multiple factors involved when trying to decide between an ATV or Dirt-bike. The first factor you must consider, is where you’ll be driving. ATVs are generally more suitable for mud/sand and are much harder to fall on, but dirt-bikes Read the rest of this entry »



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Going off-road can be very exciting. It makes good sense to be prepared for emergencies when you are planning an off-road trip. There’s always a chance of getting stuck or lost out in the cold, dark woods. Pack a lunch or bring plenty f snacks and water, especially if you bring the kids along. Also bring some warm clothes like a jacket, toboggan, and blanket. The night air is much colder and your truck heater may not make it all night. Be sure to wear shoes or boots made for hiking so your Read the rest of this entry »